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TOWN VIDEO, based in High Wycombe Bucks, was formed in 2001. This was so I could share and publish the results from recording the Steam Preservation scene. Initially using material dating back to the early nineties, Video/DVDís produced are in PAL format. Today, often with an associate, our cameras are to be seen by the lineside at various events and photo charters during the year. With Sony and Canon XM2 digital camcorders used for filming, plus with Digital editing, our products give excellent viewing.

Details of all our videos, with trailers, can be seen on the Current Video page. The videos are aimed at the enthusiast to show what they might have missed or as a memory of the sounds that they may have heard as a photographer. The videos we produce are all action with no voice over commentary. Occasionally subtitles are used to give information on trains and locations. This is to give the viewer the impression they are at the lineside watching the activity.

Currently we can only accept Mail Orders accompanied with a cheque or Postal Order for payment. Cash orders are only accepted from those attending Photographer Charter events.

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